PSD to Responsive WordPress

  • All Device and Cross-Browser Compatibility

    Our coding helps your WordPress website to be consistent and compatible with all the devices and browsers.


  • Free Advanced Theme Control Panel

    Control panel helps you to manage text and other sections of your website like the favicon, logo, text, Google Analytics code, Header & Footer sections, sliders and more.
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    We introduce the essentials like CSS preprocessors on every project we work with. State your inputs and we execute them with the hassle-free conversion services.


  • User Friendly & Easy to Manage

    The CMS delivered for wordpress website is coded in order to provide user-friendly way and easy to manage add or delete the sections, text of your website even with little or no previous web experience.


  • Latest WordPress Version

    We build your website using the latest WordPress version.


  • Easy Installation and Upgrades

    We use easy to install themes & upgrade. And also ensure you with minimal work down the road.


  • HTML Included

    Along with the theme files HTML pages are also included.


  • Widget Ready

    Our WordPress themes support almost all the features include social networking, spam protection, forum, widgets, and more.


  • Custom Post Type Integration

    This feature helps you create custom posts that suit your websites style & goals.


  • Supports Fixed, and Flexible/Fluid Layouts

    We ensure that your WordPress theme is responsive and support the flexible and fluid layouts which are built using percentages.


  • Multi-Lingual Support

    It�s easy to build the multilingual websites.


  • Semantic Coding

    Everything is coded in a semantic way, ensuring no sacrifice for speed & maximally clean template.


  • Multiple Frameworks Available

    Different frameworks available with Xchop namely Twitter Bootstrap, Fluid Baseline Grid, Boilerplate, Foundation & more.


  • Easy to Manage & SEO Friendly

    SEO-Friendliness and Easy to manage are the best features of WordPress. They doesn�t easy to use, but also simple designs to market & effective SEO.


  • Multilevel drop-down menu supported

    WordPress themes contain easy to create a multilevel drop down menu from the menu option.


  • Support

    Our support team strives for excellence at each phase offering extraordinary support to our clients.